Wonder Dietitian Makes USDA LOL

Be sure to vote today.  It’s easy.

 Directions for voting.  Please share with all of your email friends. Click on this link


This takes you directly to my video.  You do not have to watch it!!!. Thank-Goodness!

Click on the red VOTE tab at the top left corner of the video.

It takes you to a page that asks you to Sign Up.

User Name:  Make up anything you want or use your real name.

First Name:  Can be real or pretend.

Last Name: Can be real or pretend.

Email:  This has to be your real email.

Password:  Can be anything.  Anything easy.  You will have to put in your email address and your password every time you vote.

Click on the tab that says Sign Up at the bottom.


You must go back to your email inbox and click on the Challenge confirmation email.  The vote doesn’t count until you do this step.  If it is not in your email inbox please check your spam file.

You can go to this link each day through Nov. 15 and vote again.  You do not have to sign up each time. 

Just Click on link.

Click on vote.

It will take you to the sign on page again.  Just log in with your email and password to vote.   

So easy to do and it will blow away the old fuddy duddies at the USDA. 

Oh wait, I’m the old fuddy duddy. 

You are the best!!  WD



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