Shopping on Fat Friday with Your Dietitian

The Holiday Feeding Frenzy has arrived. I think Black Friday should be called Fat Friday. Everyone feels fat on the Friday after Thanksgiving. And now for the next few weeks it will be stress and party filled eating frenzies. No one wants to gain weight over the holidays but the average weight gain is six pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Why do you think everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to lose weight?
The absolute best way to keep your weight healthy during the holidays is to KNOW it! The best way to know it is to weigh each morning before you hop in the shower. Psychologically if you see you have gained a pound you can use that to help you eat less during the rest of that day. People who normally weigh daily stop during the holidays. You have to use budgeting skills. Know your weight for the holidays and budget your food intake. Budget your pocketbook and don’t overspend. Unless you are buying a gift for your favorite annoying dietitian. (I hear you complaining I suck the joy right out of your Christmas fudge.). If you are shopping for me, my favorite color is blue and I am a size 2! Love, WD
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