Serious Nutrition

Serious Nutrition from Glenna Moe, Kansas City Nutritionist

We are serious. The USDA is a serious organization.  It does serious work.  It created the Food Pyramid which was a serious bomb.  And now it has created “Choose my Plate”.  The USDA has also created a serious video competition to promote “Choose My Plate”.  Most of the videos are also very serious. 

I think the USDA needs to lighten up.  So I have created my own video. I think you are going to like it.  I know it will make you laugh.  

Be sure to VOTE for “Wonder Dietitian Saves the Blah Family”.  Let’s show the USDA that laughter is the best form of medicine.  Don’t delay!  The contest is over on November 15.  Vote every day!  We started late and we are behind. It is time to go viral. Get everyone you know to VOTE!  Seriously!

I’m curious; do you think Wonder Dietitian should quit her day job and go into full time acting?




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