Good News Bad News from Kansas City Dietitian

 Glenna Moe, KC Dietitian Reports:

The Good News is our highly professional video is moving up in the ranks. 

The Bad News is we thought the voting would be completed today, November 15. 

But, NO the brilliant Wonder Dietitian decided to read the rules and found out that this goes on until December 12.

Don’t know about you but I am already tired of this thing.  We have more important issues to deal with.  One being the lack of Vampires in the Midwest.  I have discovered why.  You will have to wait for tomorrow’s Blog to find out, though. 

We also have to deal with the WAR about to attack our bodies called Holiday Overeating!  We need to get our weapons ready. 

So, here’s the deal. 

You will receive a reminder each day to vote.  I will number them so you can count down the days until VICTORY! 

AND a few times each week you will receive my witty challenging BROGS.  These will be attached to the reminders. 

And then on December 13 when we win the USDA contest we will throw a big party and eat ourselves silly.  Hmm…. Of course, we will ONLY eat SEXY VEGETABLES! NO Naked Carbs allowed!

Vote Now so you can move on to more pressing issues.  

Which issue is more pressing for you: 

A)       The lack of Midwestern vampires?

B)       How you are going to eat an entire pumpkin pie and not gain any weight?

The results of this highly sophisticated survey will be published.




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