Another Lachanophobiac Cured by Kansas City Dietitian

This is my friend, Steve.  He came to me wanting to be cured of his Lachanophobia.  It has been a long and arduous trek for Steve.  He has had to taste things like Beet Hummus and Berries and Flaxseed Smoothies.  He gave me permission to share this photo of him as he bravely tries a salad for the very first time.  See his smile?  He is brave. 


 Here is the “after” photo.

This smile may seem a bit forced, but, he survived. 





Everyone saw Steve’s success and decided they might work on their lachanophobia, too. 





 Steve is on his way toward becoming a Lachanophiliac as are these  other brave souls.

*Special thanks to Steve and all of my wonderful co-workers for being good sports when I try to get them to try something “D’Lish”.  They have survived edamame and quinoa and veggies of all sizes and shapes.   Even after all of this they  are  still speaking to me, I hope.  You are, aren’t you, guys? …Guys?…Hey Guys, wait….. 


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