Talking Turkey with Wonder Dietitian in Kansas City

Speaking of turkey bacon, turkey hot dogs, turkey bologna, turkey ham, turkey necks and Tom turkey, it is time to tell the truth about this dumb bird.  No offense Tom.  My Grandma used to tell the story about how dumb turkeys are.  Apparently she raised turkeys.  When it would rain the turkeys would literally look up in the sky (I guess to see if the sky was falling), anyway, the rain would pour into their noses (Did you know turkey bacon is made from turkey noses?  Naw, just joshing you.)

And anyway, they would literally drown to death.  My poor Grandma had to run out into the rain and bring them in.  Then she would set them in a slightly warmed oven to dry them off.  I swear, I am not making this up. I mean how dumb can you be, almost drown by looking up in the sky and then prematurely stuffed in an oven while still squawking.

So, none of this has to do with anything except we were talking about turkeys and things made from them.  The white meat of turkey is low in fat and calories and a great protein source.  And that’s all I have to say about that right now. 

Ground turkey may be made from dark meat and the skin of the turkey.  If it is, then it is higher in fat than lean ground beef. Read the label on ground turkey and make sure it is strictly ground turkey breast.

Turkeybacon is mystery turkey. It also can be made from any part of the turkey (including the noses) so read the label carefully and compare packages to choose the lowest in saturated fat and sodium. 

Turkeyhot dogs are made from well salted unmentionables.

The rest of turkey creations may or may not be made from some part of a turkey.  And will definitely have lots of added salt and sometimes even sugar. 

In other words, when it comes to turkeys, Watch Out!  And remember, YOU are smarter than any dumb turkey. 

You are smart enough to come in  out of the rain, aren’t you? 

WD… aka Glenna Moe, a dietitian practicing in Kansas City

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