Kansas City Dietitian Discovers Why We Gain Weight as We Age

Kansas City Dietitian Discovers Why We Gain Weight as We Age

I love my clients. I learn so much from them. Today I learned about the theory of epoxy and weight. Apparently epoxy is the reason we are unable to lose weight as we age. Who would’ve thought?

Definition of Epoxy- to stick one thing to another using epoxy resin.

Apparently as we age our bodies no longer burn food as fuel but actually create epoxy resin from the foods we eat. This is particularly true of foods like cakes, cookies, breads and pastas. This epoxy resin causes the fat molecules to stick together like glue forcing us to store them forever.

This is new information for me. I was unaware of the “epoxy” phenom. I have heard that at each decade of age the epoxy multiplies exponentially. So, this is the reason we see chubby 10 year olds turn into overweight 20 year olds. At 30 they become obese and at 40 morbidly obese. I can’t even tell you about 50 and 60.

What I can tell you is: stay away from foods that turn into epoxy in our bodies. Unfortunately these foods are our favorites.

Once again Wonder Dietitian tells it like it is, to everyone’s disgust.

(And if you actually believe your body is full of epoxy please call your doctor immediately.)

I owe a special thank-you to my good friend and client, Linda M. for teaching me this new theory today. You make me smile. Thanks!

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