Living Water

We often eat or drink to fill an inner need. Today is a serious day.  Please enjoy this meditation.

Read: John 4:1-26 & Isaiah 44:1-5

There is nothing better than a drink of cold water to refresh you when you are thirsty. Water is a necessity of life, without which we would suffer dehydration and death. The Samaritan woman who came to draw water at the well at Sychar knew the importance of water. While at the well she had an encounter with the Messiah who would tell her about Living Water. Of course she wanted some of this water that would fill her up so that she would not be thirsty again. She was so excited that she went back to town to tell everyone, leaving her jar of water at the well.

Sometimes, we think we are hungry or thirsty but in reality we may be longing for something else to fill us up. The Living Water provided by God will keep us filled and satisfied. Are you thirsty? Drink of the Living Water.

Eat Well…Drink plenty of water each day. If needed, add a twist of lemon to give it more flavor. Avoid drinking sugary drinks, sports drinks, or pop. They are not needed and only add extra calories.

Move Today…Drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise especially on hot, humid days. What will you do today?

Healthy Habits…
• Buy a 20-ounce water bottle and fill with water each day to help you stay hydrated.
• Cut back on liquid calories. They don’t satisfy. Small amounts of artificially sweetened beverages are okay occasionally.

Manage Your Time…What errands or activities do you need to get done today? Make a short list and schedule it!

Journal…Selah…Pause…Reflect…Seek out and be filled with the Living Water that only God can provide. It quenches every need and helps you to be the person God designed you to be. What will you do today to stay filled with the Living Water?

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