Kansas City Dietitian is Scared!

Yep, I’m scared. This is hard to admit, but Wonder Dietitian is a chicken. I’m afraid of mice. I don’t know why but I have an extreme fear of mice. I think because they scurry. I don’t like scurrying. 

I’m also afraid of fried chicken. Yep, fried chicken, potato chips, M&M’s and mice. You might be wondering what could be so scary about fried chicken, potato chips and M&M’s. No, they don’t scurry. (Although I have been chased by headless chickens. You can read about it here.)

I am afraid of these 3 foods (and a few others) because I am allergic to them. Yep, they make my hips break out. Not in a rash, but in ugly, jiggly fat. 

Because I love these foods, I can’t have them anywhere near me.  They are too tempting.  If they are around, I will eat them. 

If you want to be successful in making healthy food choices, make sure you set up an environment for success. Do not have the tempting foods around you. 

Read my Meditation for today about temptations

I think I just heard something scurrying in my kitchen. Does anyone have a cat I can borrow?

I’ll make a deal with you, if you’ll get rid of my mice, I’ll get rid of your food temptations.

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