Kansas City Dietitian Finds Unique Diet

Always remember you are unique just like everyone else.  

Every day I have a new client who has a unique condition. They hardly eat anything but just keep gaining weight.

Unfortunately, I know the answer to this problem. If you want to lose weight, you have to exercise more and eat less. I know you may be the only unique person for whom this doesn’t work. (Occasionally, I do  run across someone who really ISN’T eating enough and will be able to lose weight by eating more.)  

It is time to think about nourishing our bodies toward health. It is time to focus on the Basics. I have given you a Simple Diet. We are still working our way through the details of this Simple Diet. Today I want to link you to the Basic meals of the Simple Diet. These Basics are Basic. I am also giving you a Basic Shopping List. 

True Facts: 

You are unique. (Just like the rest of us.)

You need the Simple Diet. (Click)

These are the Basics to the Simple Diet. (Click)

Glenna is Basically Simple.  (Click) 

Glenna is Simply Basic. (Double Click) 

Glenna is Basically Simply Annoying.  (Triple Click)

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