Kansas City Dietitian’s Guide to Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

I am sure you are stressing just as much as I am about celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  This is a very important holiday for Americans.  It is the official celebration of margaritas and plates covered with melted cheese.  We honor this day of tacos by overeating once again. 

This brings me to the quiz of the day-what food is rich in blue-purple nutrients AND red nutrients AND protein AND fiber AND is a perfect Cinco de Mayo celebration food?  No, tequila with the worm is NOT the answer.  The correct answer is the simple and inexpensive little black bean. A 1/2 cup of black beans provides rich antioxidants, lean protein, and good fiber.  They are also mighty tasty.  I like to roll them up in soft corn tortillas.   They taste great on top of salads or with quinoa and brown rice and, of course, they are terrific in my Sexy Veggie Salsa!

So as you celebrate this most important American holiday, remember the sixth of May.  It is not a holiday.  You will have to find some other lame reason to commit ingesticide!

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