Shut Down in Two Days

I saw this headline this morning and thought, oh my, so many people who need diet changes and so little time. If I have to change the world and only have two days left I better get hoppin. (No I am not talking about the Easter Bunny and Easter candy.) 

With only two days left we better get back to The Simple Diet. So far we have covered the first two steps. 

Step 1:  Eat three meals every day.  If you must snack, snack on fruits and veggies. 

Step. 2:  Eat your biggest meals early in the day and your lightest meal for dinner. 

Step 3:  Choose healthy protein options for each meal.  You can find a list of all healthy protein options on my website under Topics-The Simple Diet.

Protein is used for muscle maintenance and aids in stabilizing blood sugars. As we age we tend to need more high quality protein. Be sure to start your day with protein, not just carbohydrates. 

Great choices for breakfast include: egg white omelets, fat free yogurt, skim milk, almonds, walnuts and peanut butter. Think outside the box and eat last night’s leftovers for a good breakfast. Toast or a packet of instant oatmeal do not provide needed protein.  

Oh my gosh, only two days, oh my, two days, whatever shall I do? Help, Help, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!  What’s that you say? The headline was about the government? Whew, what a relief, just the Gamemakers playing Blackjack again. Maybe we will get to see the Easter Bunny after all.

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