People Say the Darnedest Things!

Yesterday a client responded to the comment that it seemed odd he was wearing a down-filled winter vest and shorts.  His response was, “The shorts are eye candy.” And as you can guess, old legs in shorts are not exactly “eye candy,” but it certainly lightened the mood of the day.  I am still laughing as I remember the look on my co-worker’s face. 

That got me to thinking about the term “eye candy.”  I do not know where this term originated, but it is very descriptive and we all know what it means.  Candy by definition is junk food.  No one eats candy and thinks it is good for them. Over the past 20 years there has been a blurring of lines between what is good for you and what is bad for you.  One of my favorite things to pick on is “whole grain bars.”  I see people popping them into their mouths without a second thought.  They believe the advertising that “whole grain bars” are good for them. Some of these “healthy bars” contain as many as 300 calories.  I should limit my daily calorie intake to 1200 calories or I will gain weight.  That one little bar would be 1/4 of my daily intake. And to top it off, the nutrition contained in it equals that of a cookie, and not even a very good cookie. 

I say if you are going to eat candy, call it candy.  Then you know it is not good for you and it needs to be limited.  If you are going to eat a cookie, eat a really good fresh home made one.  Why would you waste your calories on a crummy, dry “whole grain bar”?  Silly human! 

And now I am off to look in my flower beds for some real “eye candy,” spring tulips after a long winter.  (Not some hairy old legs.  I can see those in my shower.)

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