Lose 60 Pounds in 30 Days or Full Refund!

Do you want to lose weight quickly for a wedding or a vacation? Are you willing to send me lots of money to help you make this happen? You have found the right person. I guarantee that you will receive a full refund equal to what you have invested if you are not successful.

In fact, I will always guarantee you will get back what you put into it. 

Before I go much further please know that it is not possible to lose 60 pounds in 30 days unless you are hospitalized and undergo surgery. When you see outrageous claims, take them with a grain of salt. No wait, not with salt, how about with a grain of oat bran? (If you want to know why no to salt and why yes to oat bran, go to my Habits of Healthiness Topics and read all about salt and fiber.)

Yes, you can lose weight and yes you can lose it relatively quickly. This requires dietary changes and increasing your activity level. The secrets to healthy weight loss include increasing fiber, reducing caloric beverages, increasing healthy protein, and timing your food intake. I can help you with all of these issues. 

Please send me large amounts of money.  Thank you.

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