Insidious–sinister, dangerous, subtle, menacing

I bet when you think of food, the word insidious does not come to mind. For some reason, I was thinking about weight gain (I also bet you don’t sit around thinking about weight gain. You probably sit around thinking about chocolate cake and donuts. Another negative thing about being a dietitian–when we sit around and think, we think about weight gain. It’s a bummer!) 

So, anyway, I was sitting around (actually I was running on the treadmill–another thing you probably don’t do.) 

So anyway, again, I was thinking about weight gain and the word insidious just popped into my mind.  (Then, while it was there I had to try to spell it, this is probably because I spend too much time playing Words with Friends on my IPAD.)

Am I ever going to get to the point in this Blog?  Me thinks not! 

So anyway, again, weight gain and the word insidious–they have much in common.  Weight gain can be sinister, dangerous, subtle, and menacing. It can lead to diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, knee replacements, and unsightly times at the pool this summer.

We have to be diligent when fighting off insidious weight gain. 

One of the best ways to keep your weight in check is to weigh daily. The scale is not your enemy. It is your friend. It does not berate you; it just gives you the facts. (Sergeant Friday’s face just popped into my mind, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  A dietitian’s mind is a scary place to be.) 

Keep a calendar next to your scale and each day write your weight down. It will fluctuate a pound or two but when you see it creeping up, take an eating break. Reduce your food intake for a day or two until the pound is gone. If you do this, you will never gain weight. You will be able to splurge occasionally and then by tightening the calorie budget, you will be able to keep your weight in check. The scale is a cheap and effective method of weight control. 

Don’t let insidious weight gain become menacing to your health. 

You have now had a glimpse into the weird insidious, subtle, menacing inner workings of the dietitian’s mind. Just the facts, ma’am.   

Extra Point Quiz:  What show was Sergeant Joe Friday in?

Extra Credit Homework:  What is Step 1 of the Simple Diet? 

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