An Introduction to Meditations

I introduced the  new topic on my website called Meditations last week. 

The meditations are designed to give you “pause.”  To encourage you to slow down and be thankful for the foods you are eating.  It challenges you to pause when you look at the Snicker’s bar you are about to consume and say, “I am so thankful that I can eat this Snicker’s bar and eat 500 calories and have to run an extra 4 miles tonight on the treadmill to burn it off….” 

The meditations are divided into sections. 

The Read section is a simple meditation.

The Eat Well section provides suggestions for improving your diet choices. 

The Move Today section challenges you to increase your exercise. 

Healthy Habits gives hints to the development of healthy habits.

And the Journal section encourages you to pause, reflect and be thankful.

I hope you find these meditations challenging and helpful in your journey toward improved health.

May you have a blessed Easter.

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