You Missed It!

Thank you to all of my staunch supporters who sent beautiful gifts to me in honor of “Registered Dietitian Day.” You make me feel very special. Some of you may not have been aware of this national holiday. That’s OK. It’s not too late. We are still in the early part of March, National Nutrition Month. Your gifts can still be sent.

I was also told by a VIP-in-my-daughter’s-life that it is National Sleep Awareness Week. I think it is appropriate that Dietitian’s Day falls in the middle of Sleep Awareness Week. It is a well known fact that Dietitians are talented at improving sleep in clients. I have calculated that you need 1600 calories per day…that means you can eat 52 grams of fat per day, 35 grams of fiber……Zzzzzz.

May I add in at this point that 1600 calories per day is a very good goal for many of us. Check out your local restaurant for their calorie counts. You will find that many of your favorite meals are over 1600 calories. That is just for one meal! A good goal is to try for 500 calories per meal. By the way, some of the popular coffee drinks contain 600-700 calories in one cup. Zzzzzzz…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. If you would like to still send gifts to me in honor of Registered Dietitian Day you can send them to me at Glenna Moe……However, do not call me. I will have my phone on mute. I will be enjoying National Sleep Awareness Week. Zzzzzz…..

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