SHHH…Listen…Can you hear it?

Can you hear your own heart beating? Can you hear yourself breathing? If you listen closely you will hear your body talking to you. 

Is your heart beating fast? This could mean you are out of condition and need to start exercising or that you are carrying too much weight and your heart is having to work extra hard. 

Is your breathing a bit short? Do you find yourself out of breath when you walk up steps? This is your body’s way of talking to you. It is telling you that you need to quit smoking, or lose weight or cut back on foods that narrow your arteries and make it tough for blood to pump through.

We all know people who are good listeners. My husband is the absolute best listener on earth. Not only does he listen intently to what others have to say, he also listens closely to his own body.

We also know people who are not good listeners. They talk incessantly, never aware of the other people around who have something valuable to say. 

Maybe you are like the “talkers.” You may be rushing too fast or even just too lazy to listen to what your body is telling you.     

Start today to listen to your body. It is talking to you. What do you need to change about your life to make your body happier? 

Don’t wait until your body starts yelling at you. (From experience, I can tell you when someone starts yelling,  it is not a good thing.)

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