Old Kansas City Dietitian Needs Oil Change

So, I was driving (see previous blog about driving)  my old mini-van and discovered it was time for an oil change. No big deal. Just pull into the nearest lube joint and be done in 15 minutes. When the 12 year old kid in overalls came back into the little waiting area (which had a coffee pot with really thick brown stuff in the bottom), I knew things weren’t good. Apparently my old oil was the wrong kind and had gunked up my engine and it was going to require something major to get it cleaned out. I could either buy a new engine or another option he said was to put a spring kind of thing into the lines which would make the lines more open. Let me tell you I was hoppin’ mad. Why didn’t someone tell me I had been using the wrong oil all of this time? 

OK, so in case you haven’t figured this out by now, I am not talking about car oil. I am talking about the oil we take in through our food every day. So listen up, this Dietitian is telling you right now that you need an oil change. Stop eating foods drenched in butter or fried in a deep fat fryer. These two fats are saturated fat and trans fat. And it doesn’t matter how many medications you take, you cannot undo the damage caused by these fats. (I have heard that fast food places are going to start handing out free statin pills with every order.) Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is the oil to use. It takes very little olive oil to make your lines and engine happy. By the way, you do not want to see this dietitian hoppin’ mad. I think I’ll leave that to Charlie Sheen.

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