Kansas City Dietitian Finds Answers to Serious Questions

So many questions and so little time. I have had many questions brought up related to my recent blogs. I thought it best to just put an end to all of the hub-bub.

Colonic Cleansing: In case you came away confused after reading this blog. Let me make it very clear. 1. Do not in any way participate in anything that has to do with colonic cleansing. This is an unhealthy practice and causes inflammatory responses in the colon. 2. To maintain a healthy colon, eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and beans. 3. People should schedule a colonoscopy with their physician by the age of 50.

Salt: If it says salt anywhere in the title it IS SALT. Do not use it or if you use it, use it very sparingly. All of the fancy sounding salts are still salt. It is best if you can keep your sodium intake to less than 2000 mgs. each day.

There are more topics and answers coming. Keep tuned.

Now back to my humorous ramblings that tend to confuse people about the true seriousness of nutrition. I want to take a stand and let everyone know that I am very serious about nutrition. I am also very serious about running away from headless chickens, whacking people with rulers when they grab for French fries, and last but not least, I am serious about the chemical reaction that happens inside the body when asparagus is eaten. Let me just say, asparagus is a great springtime vegetable. It has wonderful nutritional value. It also can cause a rather unpleasant odor. If this happens to you, do not fear. There is no harm. Fight odor with odor. Eat some pinto beans with your asparagus. (I also sell Sexy Veggie Gas Masks! Just Kidding!) 

Signing off,
The Serious Nutritionist

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