Depressed Dietitian Found in Kansas City

Three months of cold and gray has had its effect. A warm sunny day will cheer people up significantly. Sunshine is cheery because it provides us with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for what ails you. It is required by the body to keep you healthy-ful (see other blobgs). If you live in the Midwest and are 55 or older you probably need to take a Vitamin D3 supplement. Just like sunshine lifts your spirits and makes you feel better, Vitamin D3 lifts the spirits of your insides. When I was little I played outside all of the time and walked or rode my bike to school. I absorbed my Vitamin D through my skin. It is estimated you can absorb the daily required amount of Vitamin D through your skin if you stand outside in the full sunshine for 15 minutes completely naked. (Ewww… picture thousands of baby boomers standing outside nude in your neighborhood. Please, help keep America beautiful and put your clothes back on and take a pill.)  Most of us in the Midwest are Vitamin D deficient. This is an easy fix.  The Vitamin D3 supplement is inexpensive and can be found in any store. We recommend 2000 units of Vitamin D3 daily. If you are concerned, your physician can measure your Vitamin D level by a blood test. And finally, if you drive by my house and see a depressed dietitian standing out in the sunshine while scantily clad, please throw a blanket over me and ship me out on the next flight to sunny Arizona. Thank you.

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