Kansas City Dietitian Creates Diet for Pigs

Did I get your attention? Today I am demonstrating my Sexy Veggie Salsa recipe. I have added edamame to it to increase the healthy protein content. Edamame is another word for green soybeans. One time many years ago I tried to serve a soybean casserole to my new neighbor. She tried to be polite but finally had to admit that she just couldn’t eat soybeans. Ya see, she had grown up on a farm in Iowa that grew soybeans and the soybeans were grown for pig food. So here I was serving her a pig food diet. For some totally illogical reason we became the best of friends and she is one of my dearest friends still today. So, I highly recommend my pig food diet. Not only is it really good for you but it’s a great way to make new friends. I love you, Linda!

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