When I was little I used to throw hissy-fits. I don’t know where the word came from but I do know the definition. A hissy-fit is a little tantrum that your throw when you don’t get your way. I am sure I was a master hissy-fit thrower since I was a little sister to two big brothers. I wanted my way ALL of the time. It was not a pretty sight. Sometimes as a dietitian I still get to observe hissy-fits. We all want to eat anything we want anytime that we want. When someone tells us that we shouldn’t eat something that isn’t good for us we can become a bit upset. Women do not like to have chocolate limited in their diet. Men do not like to have meat limited in their diet. It’s a fact. Unfortunately, too much meat or too much chocolate can make us gain a few extra pounds. Extra poundage can result in many unpleasant diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, etc. Trust me, I know you do not want to give up your food. Have you ever tried to take a food dish from a dog? That growl is a warning that if you don’t stop he is going to turn and bite you. As a dietitian I have experienced many growls and a few bites. So today, I implore you, go ahead throw your hissy-fit and when you are finished, pick yourself up and start making good choices with regards to your diet. Now where did I put that chocolate, gotta run, I have a hissy-fit to throw.

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