Ding Dong! Surprise!

Ding Dong! I just received the most wonderful surprise. My bestest friend for the last 28 years showed up on my doorstep out of the blue and rang my doorbell. I was rendered speechless. It was the most wonderful interruption ever. I still can’t believe it. She drove 3 ½ hours to see me just because she missed me. We had a great time! All surprises should be as wonderful. Don’t let a negative surprise spoil your day. A negative surprise would be to find out you have diabetes or heart disease or have gained 5 pounds. Keep track of your numbers. Weigh daily so you can stop creeping weight gain. Know your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure numbers. Take control of your health! It’s easy to do. And when you are in good health you can hop in the car and surprise an old friend. Just walk right up, ring the door bell and watch the surprise on her face. It will be worth the trip! Ding Dong!

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