Kansas City Dietitian Says Good-Bye to February

I am not sad to say good-bye to February. February is Heart Month. It is great fun to celebrate Heart Health–mostly by eating lots of chocolate. (Have you noticed that most holidays are celebrated by eating lots of sweets? Why is that, I wonder?) Anyway, I am not sad to say good-bye to February, because for most of the country the weather has been pretty much awful. Let us look forward to the next big celebratory month. Yes, March is National Nutrition Month. Did you know most schools are on vacation for an entire week in March just so the kids can celebrate Nutrition? The kids have great fun eating broccoli and making little animals out of fruits. (A pear half makes a great rabbit.) OK, I am delusional. Only “nutritionists” celebrate National Nutrition Month. Basically, all I have to do is say the word “nutrition” and my clients’ eyes begin to glaze over. I hope that this blobg (see blog from yesterday) is increasing your interest in nutrition. But, even more than that, I hope that you will celebrate National Nutrition Month by sending large amounts of cash to your favorite nutritionist.  Hint! Hint!

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