Breaking News-Kansas City Dietitian Wins Wrestling Match

I have had a crazy week filled with lots of food demonstrations. I bet you have, too. Everyone seems to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off these days. (Yes, I have seen and been chased by a headless chicken–one of those things from your childhood you never forget, right Faye?) Usually, I wake up each morning, stumble out of bed, and get on the treadmill before I even open my eyes. Today, I did not have to be anywhere early so I lay in bed a few extra minutes. As I was waking up, I started to think about how much I would like to lazily wake up and drink a cup of coffee and maybe turn on the news. The longer I stayed in bed, the better the coffee sounded. That’s when the wrestling match began. My worn-out-from-the-week-body wanted to relax and recuperate. My disciplined body kept saying, “Get up and get on that treadmill. You know you feel so much better after exercise.” The wrestling match lasted for a few minutes and finally the Good Side won. The reason it won? Habit. I have essentially been exercising my entire adult life. It makes me feel good. Experts say it takes 3 weeks for a new habit to form. I think it takes much longer. Make today the first day of some form of aerobic exercise. Be sure to include some stretching afterward. I promise you will feel better. And if you decide to put it off another day I hope a headless chicken chases you in your dreams tonight!

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