Beware of Pot Holes!

I drive a 1998 red mini-van. (People who know me well will be horrified at that statement.) It has big dents in the sides and the back. I did NOT put any of those dents in it. (Hint: I taught my daughters to drive in this van. I am not the best driver’s ed. teacher.) Anyway, driving around Kansas City in an old mini-van in the winter is a scary thing to do. The scary part is missing all of the pot holes. They are absolutely everywhere. There is no way to miss all of them. Those pot holes are the result of a snowy and icy winter. Before and during the storms the salt and sand trucks “treat” the roads. Salt and melting snow is a caustic combination. Salt can literally eat away concrete. Guess what salt does to your arteries. Yep, that’s right. It causes pot holes in the lining of the arteries. These pot holes are great places for plaque to build up. The salt also causes tiny cracks in the arteries and makes them stiff. Not only does this result in high blood pressure but it also leads toward stroke. The weakened arteries burst. Try to remove as much salt as possible from your diet. Eat fresh when possible. Stay away from soups and canned foods. Read labels. Keep your sodium intake to less than 500 milligrams per meal. Keep those arteries soft, pliable and clean. Let this be a warning to you. If you see a 1998 red mini-van coming at you on the highway do everything you can to stay as far away from it as possible. It might be me.

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