Ajo Al’s

I love Scottsdale, Arizona. Mostly I love it because of the warm sunshine. My friend, Roz, thinks I love it because she is there. My super adorable daughter thinks I love it because she is there. But, I really love it most because Ajo Al’s is there. Ajo Al’s has the best salsa and the best POCO POLLO CON QUESO on the planet. I can assure you there is absolutely nothing healthful about this meal. Queso and cream cheese do not a healthy dietitian make. The good news is, I don’t get to go there very often and when we are in Scottsdale the weather is so beautiful that I can run and walk for miles and miles. I can also actually swim outside in a heated pool in the middle of January. What’s not to love? So, the question and answer is: Is it OK to eat a meal that isn’t so great for you once in awhile? Yes, but be sure it is once in awhile and that does not mean once in awhile every day. Thanks Roz for being my friend. It’s hard to have a dietitian for a friend. I can be very annoying. Thanks Jessi for being my best friend and middlest daughter. It’s even harder to be the daughter of a dietitian. A Mom-Dietitian can be awfully demanding. And thanks Ajo Al’s for being there for me when I really need you.

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