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with the Kansas City Dietitian 

Picky Eater Webinar 

If some days leave you begging for Alexa to feed your kids, you are not alone! 

Nutrition doesn’t begin at the table. Nutrition begins in the mind. When a child is hesitant where food is concerned, the parent may want to bribe, reward, and otherwise pressure the child into eating something. This can end in an epic mealtime battle of the wills. Join us for a free webinar focused on how to make feeding more meaningful. It’s not just offering new foods, taking your child shopping and including them in food prep.  It’s spending time together, exposing the child to the importance of nutrition and food enjoyment outside of the table setting, away from the pressure of the plate.

We want to help you take your cautious eater to an adventurous one. Bring your picky eater and join us for a FREE half-hour interactive webinar. We’ll include simple tips and tricks that will help you expand your child’s palate and acceptance of new foods. A shopping list will be included so that you can follow along with the exercises. This workshop is for any picky eater but targets ages 2-10. 

FREE Picky Eater Webinar  – October 13 at 10:00 am and 6:30 pm. Register here.