We offer a myriad of services to help make your healthy lifestyle informed and easy!

In-Home Cooking Parties

Want to host a dinner party, or a fun get together for you and your friends? Let the Kansas City Dietitian do the work. We will help you plan a fun and healthy party that no one will forget!  Invite the Kansas City Dietitian for an evening filled with good food and nutrition tips from the expert. We can accommodate any special dietary restrictions. Click here for more details.

On-Line Courses

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Nutrition Coaching Services

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Other Services


Counseling and Coaching

Disease Management or Disease Prevention  You can reduce your medications through lifestyle changes. Do you or your family have a history of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or food allergies? Would you like to get control over your disease and feel great again?  We can help!

Weight Loss  Have you tried everything to lose weight?  We have simple tricks to motivate you to lose weight and keep it off.  Are you wondering if the new diet medication, Qnexa,  is right for you?

Performance Excellence   Are you an Executive with a stress-filled job trying to maintain your weight and stay healthy or an Athlete desiring to increase peak performance?  We can evaluate and tweak your diet to help you reach your goals.

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Multimedia Presentations and Cooking Demonstrations

Professional Continuing Education Meetings (Medical, Nursing, Nutrition)  Some of our topics include:  The Prudent Diet for Optimal Vascular Protection,  Nutrition and the Inflammatory Response,  Heart Failure Nutrition-It’s Not All About Salt, Lipid Management Through Nutrition, Genetics, and Nutrition.

Corporate Wellness  We present innovative and interactive wellness seminars.  Topics include:  Holidays-Give the Gift of Health, Hearts on Fire™, Veggies are Sexy™, War on Weight, The Simple Diet, Food Fight Against Cancer.  Topics can be individualized for your business.

Motivational Meetings  We have been invited to educate and entertain at community gatherings, church groups, ladies teas, catered events, and executive business meetings. Topics include:  Don’t Supersize your Children, Foods that Heal, Veggies are Sexy™, Hearts on Fire™, Selah Healing Foods, Simplify Your Life and Your Diet.  Topics can be individualized for your group.

Lunch ‘n Learns We present Lunch ‘n Learns for businesses and community groups. We bring a wide variety of entertaining visuals including fun props, PowerPoint, music, and video clips to make nutrition fun for any interest or age group.

Cook ‘n Learns Why go to an expensive cooking studio when we can bring the experience to you? We incorporate the latest superfoods into our recipes with hands on demonstrations and even take and bake freezer classes.

Selah Spa The perfect large group event solution. Selah Spa days include physical assessments, Selah Yoga, stress management, and our  Superfoods That Heal presentation.