Hi There!

Do you want to feel better, eat better, and develop a healthier relationship with food?

Let’s talk about how I can help you fuel your body with my Virtual Nutrition Coaching Program 

Let us help you work toward your goals with our 90 day virtual Food and Fitness Bootcamp. The program includes our personalized evidenced based nutrition coaching paired with customized fitness training from Sarah Crawford, CPT.  This bootcamp equips you with the knowledge to continue making informed nutrition and exercise decisions long after the 90 days are over.


What this program is not: 

  • Another restrictive diet
  • Spending hours in the gym 
  • A quick fix for rapid weight loss 
  • A one-size-fits all program 


In the Virtual Food and Fitness 90 Day Bootcamp we will come alongside you and equip you with the knowledge to make better food and lifestyle choices, so you can win the food battle and achieve sustainable results.


What’s Included: 

  1. 30-Minute Virtual Introductory Session  with both Bethany and Sarah – We will discuss your goals, eating habits, medical history, relationship with food, personal habits and more. This way I can personalize the program to help you set smart goals and reach them.
  2. Weekly Email Support –  Each week you will fill out a journal about your food, exercise habits and goals. We will review these weekly to track how you are doing.
  3. Interactive VIP Facebook Group –
  4. One 30-Minute Check-In Call per Month with both Bethany and Sarah – Once a month, we will have a video call  to review your progress and discuss any struggles or concerns you may have.


Option one: Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training Combined – $250 per month/$600 paid in full

Option two: Either Nutrition Coaching OR Personal Training – $125/month or $350 if paid in full 

Next Session Starts: Monday, January 20th 

The weekly coaching and suggested exercises have provided a good foundation for me to feel confident in the steps I’m taking towards achieving my goals.  I think what I’ve liked the most is that the whole thing has been tailored towards what I’m capable of accomplishing and where you feel I am in my nutrition journey.  Overall, I’ve had a great experience!


Coaching Client