Hi There!

Do you want to feel better, eat better, and develop a healthier relationship with food?

Let’s talk about how I can help you fuel your body with my Virtual Nutrition Coaching Program 


What this program is not: 

  • Another restrictive diet
  • A quick fix for rapid weight loss 
  • A one-size-fits all program 


In my Virtual Health and Nutrition Coaching program I will come alongside you and equip you with the knowledge to make better food and lifestyle choices, so you can win the food battle and achieve sustainable results.


  • 30-Minute Virtual Introductory Session –

    We will discuss your goals, eating habits, medical history, relationship with food, personal habits and more. This way I can personalize the program to help you set smart goals and reach them.


  • Weekly Email Support –

          Each week you will fill out a journal about your food habits andgoals. I will review these weekly to track how you are doing.


  • Interactive VIP Facebook Group –

           Based on your progress journal, I will send personalized coachingemails each week to provide suggestions and ideas to help you  reach your goals.


  • One 30-Minute Check-In Call per Month

    Once a month, we will have a phone session to review your progress and discuss any struggles or concerns you may have.


This program is ideal for:

  • Individuals who are 100% ready to work on their health goals
  • Motivated hard workers who need an extra layer of accountability and support 
  • The naturally inquisitive type, who want to know the why’s behind their eating 

The weekly coaching and suggested exercises have provided a good foundation for me to feel confident in the steps I’m taking towards achieving my goals.  I think what I’ve liked the most is that the whole thing has been tailored towards what I’m capable of accomplishing and where you feel I am in my nutrition journey.  Overall, I’ve had a great experience!


Coaching Client