COVID-19 Update: 

I know that there is a lot of public health concerns and uncertainty with the Corona virus.  Based on the recommended social distancing, I am encouraging all my clients to prepare to transition to virtual consultations. Through my online portal I have HIPPA compliant teleconferencing that you can access through the Practice Better mobile app or web platform.

 If you don’t feel comfortable with technology I am still allowing in-person visits. Please keep a couple of things in mind as you prepare for upcoming appointments: If you feel ill, please stay home. This is both for the health of my other patients, and as many of you know, I am expecting a baby in the next month and making every effort to stay healthy for both myself and my baby. Contact me as soon as you feel that you will not be able to make your appointment so that we can determine how best to proceed. As long as contact is made I am happy to waive, the cancellation fee.
Please note: If you are wanting to me to bill insurance, you will need to call your insurance provider make sure that CPT Code 97802 and 97803 is covered for Telehealth/Telemedicine as appointment location 02.  For the full list of questions to ask your insurance provider please see my FAQ’s. Please confirm this prior to your appointment.
Let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to working with you in the upcoming weeks. To book your next appointment please visit this link.